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  • Diana Krall - Stepping Out 2-LP Vinyl
    Item #: NTLP39
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    “Diana Krall’s 1993 debut shows that she had the goods right from the get-go. Krall sings with honesty, subtlety, and persuasion while playing the piano with head-shaking authority, both as accompanist - she offers amazing asides in between vocal phrases - and as an absolutely A-one improviser.” (Zan Stewart). The Justin Time Essentials Collection introduces the album to a new generation of fans, but this time with an added bonus track from the original sessions – Diana’s incredible arrangement of “Summertime”.


    Side A
    1. This Can’t Be Love
    2. Straighten Up and Fly Right
    3. Between the Devil and
    the Deep Blue Sea
    4. I’m Just A Lucky So and So

    Side B
    1. Body and Soul
    2. 42nd Street
    3. Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me

    Side C
    1. Big Foot
    2. Frim Fram Sauce
    3. Jimmie

    Side D
    1. As Long As I Live
    2. On the Sunny Side of the Street
    3. Summertime

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  • Cub Sport - This Is Our Vice LP
    Item #: NTLP36
    There are a handful of seminal bands from Brisbane, Australia, but few have achieved the breakout success that the dreamy indie-pop group Cub Sport has in merely three years. The blissed-out, anthemic title track from their first EP, Told You So, attracted global attention, which in the U.S. alone vaulted it up the top 20 college-radio chart. And based on enthusiasm for that debut, their second EP, Paradise, won Stateside audiences, too, thanks to airplay at influential radio outlets such as KEXP, WXPN and KCRW.
    After touring everywhere from Singapore to Philly, Cub Sport — which features lead vocalist Tim Nelson, guitarist Zoe Davis, drummer Dan Puusaari and keyboardist Sam Netterfield—will release their hotly anticipated debut full length, This Is Our Vice, March 4, 2016.
    Like any game-changing record, This Is Our Vice is sprawling and complicated—and thus will challenge the band’s live performance. The members of Cub Sport realize this, and they have a plan. “We’re all going to have to push ourselves a bit more,” Nelson says. “I sing and have started playing guitar on some songs. Zoe is going to be pretty busy, with a lot more pedals to re-create the sounds. Sam’s playing bass with one hand, all the synth parts with another hand, and does percussion and sings all at the same time somehow.”
    Cub Sport will be musically multitasking for months on end in 2016, with plans to bring their live show from their native Australia to North America, the UK and beyond. Says Nelson, “We can’t wait to show people what we’ve been working on.”

    1. Sun
    2. I Can’t Save You
    3. It Kills Me
    4. Come On Mess Me Up
    5. I’m On Fire
    6. Only Friend
    7. Runner
    8. I Don’t Love My Baby
    9. I Feel Bad Now
    10. Vice
    11. Stay
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  • Run River North - Drinking From A Salt Pond LP
    Item #: NTLP37
    LA-based Run River North will release Drinking From A Salt Pond, the follow up LP to their 2014 self-titled debut which landed at #3 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. Working with producer Lars Stalfors (Cold War Kids, Deap Vally, HEALTH, Matt and Kim), the band leave behind its familiar folksy roots to craft an ambitious rock album. The vinyl release includes an exclusive Bonus Track.
    “This album embodies, more distinctly, the voices of each member of the band. The first album was about my view of family, home and the world and the rest of the band responding to these stories. This album is everyone’s individual responses to our collective self-reflection - with each member speaking through their respective instruments to express the relationships within the band rather than my folk stories wrapped in harmonies and swells,” says frontman Alex Hwang.
    With a nearly sold-out debut North American headline tour, the band has performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, VH-1 “Big Morning Buzz,” CMT “Concrete Country,” Last Call With Carson Daly, and Emmy-winning PBS series Artbound. All this follows features with The Wall Street Journal, NPR Weekend Edition, NPR Here & Now, Entertainment Weekly, American Songwriter, Daytrotter, American Way, KPCC 89.3 Southern CA Public Radio and TeamCoco, the official website of Conan. Run River North is Alex Hwang (lead vocals, guitars), Daniel Chae (vocals, strings), Jennifer Rim (strings), Joe Chun (bass, vocals), John Chong (drums, vocals) and Sally Kang (vocals, keyboards).

    Side A:
    Run or Hide
    Can’t Come Down
    Side B:
    Funeral Parade
    Side C:
    Side D:
    David Robinson
    Winter Winds
    BONUS: Salt Pond
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  • Family of the Year- Family of the Year LP
    Item #: NTLP34

    1. Make You Mine
    2. Facepaint
    3. Carry Me
    4. We Need Love
    5. May I Miss You
    6. Give a Little
    7. Blue Jean Girl
    8. Dead Poets
    9. The Dance
    10. Hey Kid
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  • Hermitude- Dark Night Sweet Light LP
    Item #: NTLP32

    1. Hijinx
    2. Through The Roof (feat. Young Tapz)
    3. Ukiyo
    4. Searchlight (feat. Yeo)
    5. Bermuda Bay
    6. Hazy Love (feat. Chloe Kaul)
    7. The Buzz (feat. Mataya & Young Tapz)
    8. Metropolis
    9. Midnight Terrain
    10. Shift
    11. Searchlight Reprise (feat. Yeo)
    12. Ukiyo (feat. Pell)
    13. Hazy Love (feat. Estelle)
    14. The Buzz (feat. Big K.R.I.T., Mataya & Young Tapz)
    15. Hijinx (feat. Chuck Inglish)
    12. Ukiyo (feat. Pell)
    13. Hazy Love (feat. Estelle)
    14. The Buzz (feat. Big K.R.I.T., Mataya & Young Tapz)
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  • William Fitzsimmons - Lions LP
    Item #: NTLP15
    “The last couple years have been...full (kind of difficult to describe years in a single word). They have been wonderful, painful, long, incredibly brief, and more educational and rewarding than any I’ve ever lived before. Lions is something I’m terribly proud of and utterly connected to,” says Fitzsimmons.

    Track Listing:

    1. Well Enough
    2. Josie’s Song
    3. Brandon
    4. Took
    5. Fortune
    6. Blood Chest
    7. Hold On
    8. Centralia
    9. From You
    10. Sister
    11. Lions
    12. Speak
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  • The Pack A.D. - Some Sssongs Vinyl 10" EP
    Item #: NTLP07
    Track Listing:

    Battering Ram
    Haunt You
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  • Boy - Mutual Friends Vinyl LP
    Item #: NTLP01
    Track Listing:

    This Is The Beginning
    Little Numbers
    Drive Darling
    Waltz For Pony
    Oh Boy
    Silver Streets
    Little Numbers [Acoustic Version]
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  • Family Of The Year - Loma Vista Vinyl LP
    Item #: NTLP02
    Track Listing

    The Stairs
    St. Croix
    Living On Love
    Hey Ma
    In The End
    Never Enough
    Find It
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  • Great Lake Swimmers - New Wild Everywhere (Limited Edition Vinyl LP)
    Item #: NTLP03
    Track Listing:

    Think That You Might Be Wrong
    New Wild Everywhere
    The Great Exhale
    The Knife
    Changes With The Wind
    Cornflower Blue
    Easy Come Easy Go
    Fields Of Progeny
    Ballad Of A Fisherman's Wife
    Quiet Your Mind
    Parkdale Blues
    On The Water
    The Great Exhale
    Easy Come Easy Go
    Les Champs De Progéniture
    I Will Never See The Sun
    Something Heavy
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  • Hey Ocean! - Is Vinyl LP
    Item #: NTLP04
    Track Listing:

    If I Were a Ship
    Make a New Dance Up
    Big Blue Wave
    New Love
    I Am A Heart
    (For) Give
    Last Mistake
    Be My Baby
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  • K-OS - BLack On BLonde Vinyl LP
    Item #: NTLP05
    Track Listing:

    Like A Comet (We Rollin') (feat. Corey Hart)
    Diamond Sky
    Mojo On
    Try Again (feat. Black Thought)
    Spraying My Pen (feat. Saukrates and Shad)
    The Dog Is Mine
    Don't Touch (feat. Sam Roberts)
    Alone In My Car
    Surf's Up (feat. Sebastien Grainger)
    Wonder Woman (As My Guitar GentlyStreets)
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  • Sarah McLachlan - Remixed (Selctions)
    Item #: NTLP10
    Track List: Fear (Hybrid's Super Collider Mix) Hold On (BT Mix) Angel (Dusted Remix) Plenty (Fade Mix)
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  • Run River North - Fight To Keep 7" LP
    Item #: NTLP11
    “Fight To Keep” is the lead single from the upcoming self-titled debut album from L.A. based Run River North, produced by Phil Ek (Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes, Built To Spill, The Shins, Father John Misty.)

    This Limited-Edition 7” single also includes a non-album B-side – a cover of Frou Frou’s “Let Go.”
    • $6.99
  • Wanting - Say The Words LP
    Item #: NTLP12
    Track Listing:

    1. Time, My Friend
    2. Love Ocean
    3. Us Under the Sunshine
    4. STHU
    5. Joker Needs Laughter Too
    6. When It's Lonely
    7. Sing for You
    8. Love Struck Me Down
    9. My Little Friend
    10. Exit This Way
    11. Life Is a Struggle
    12. Say the Words
    13. Time, My Friend (featuring Far East Movement)
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  • Sinead O'Connor - I'm Not Bossy, I'm The Boss LP
    Item #: NTLP25
    The album’s title I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss was inspired by Lean In’s Ban Bossy campaign from earlier in the year. “Originally I had a different title, The Vishnu Room, but a few months back when I saw the phrase ‘I’m not bossy, I’m the boss’ and became aware of the Ban Bossy campaign, I wished I could re-name the album since indeed it can be tricky being a female boss and I think Sheryl [Sandberg]’s campaign is a terribly important one,” explained O’Connor. “At the stage I became aware of the Ban Bossy campaign it was too late to change the album title because the sleeve was already in print. But last week, when the record company received the promo shots, which included the cover shot you now see, they asked could they change the planned cover to the current one, and that allowed me the opportunity of changing the title. Very happy girl.”

    Includes download card. 12" standard jacket.
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  • Gossling - Harvest of Gold LP
    Item #: NTLP28
    Australia’s Gossling is quietly brewing a revolution against the status quo, all powered by delicate and sophisticated vocals. There’s no swagger here, no bravado, instead Gossling’s music proves the irresistible power of minimalism.
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  • Guster - Evermotion LP
    Item #: NTLP29
    Guster will released their first album in four years, Evermotion on January 13, 2015. Fearlessly experimenting with new instruments and collaborations to create their most vibrant album yet, the quartet of Ryan Miller, Adam Gardner, Brian Rosenworcel and Luke Reynolds recorded at producer Richard Swift’s (The Shins, Foxygen, Sterolab) Cottage Grove, OR studio. TIME Magazine hailed utterly infectious lead single “Simple Machine” for its “frantic beats and crawling synthesizers.”

    Track List:

    1. Long Night
    2. Endlessly
    3. Doin' It By Myself
    4. Lazy Love
    5. Simple Machine
    6. Expectation
    7. Gangway
    8. Kid Dreams
    9. Never Coming Down
    10. It Is Just What It Is
    11. Farewell

    • $20.00
  • The Weepies - Sirens LP
    Item #: NTLP30
    Singer-songwriters Deb Talan & Steve Tannen began writing together the night they met, and soon formed indie band The Weepies. On the strength of their simple yet insightful songwriting and distinctive harmonies, they quietly sold more than a million records, with over 17 million streams on Spotify, and 20 million views on YouTube. They married and had three children, rarely touring but continuing to release their music, five records over seven years.

    Just before Christmas 2013, when their youngest son was 17 months old, Deb Talan was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. She was in chemo by New Year’s Eve.

    The couple was unable to travel while Deb was in treatment, so they worked at home, inviting guest musicians to record remotely wherever each musician happened to be, resulting in an unlikely superstar backing band. Players from across the spectrum jumped in, including: Pete Thomas and Steve Nieve (Elvis Costello), Gerry Leonard (David Bowie), Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters), Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel), Oliver Kraus (Sia) and Matt Chamberlain (Pearl Jam), as well as veteran Weepies compatriots Frank Lenz, Eli Thomson, Jon Flaugher, Meg Toohey, and Whynot Jansveld, plus a horn section from New Orleans.

    The prophetic “No Trouble” was written prior to learning Deb’s diagnosis and her vocals were recorded during her first weeks of chemo. The couple continued to write and record throughout her treatment, with Deb providing several key vocals including the title track “Sirens”.

    In 2014, Deb beat cancer, and The Weepies recorded the best album of their career. Coming back from the edge sharpened their skills and focus. At 16 songs and almost an hour long, SIRENS shows a band at the height of its powers.

    • $25.00
  • Great Lake Swimmer's - A Forest of Arms LP
    Item #: NTLP31
    A Forest Of Arms is the new album from Tony Dekker’s Great Lake Swimmers and the follow up to 2012’s New Wild Everywhere. With a surging rhythm section, razor sharp violin, and flourishing banjo and guitars, Dekker and band mates have pushed their sound significantly, creating some of their most dynamic songs ever recorded.

    1. Something Like A Storm
    2. Zero In The City
    3. Shaking All Over
    4. Don’t Leave Me Hanging
    5. One More Charge At The Red Cape
    6. I Was A Wayward Pastel Bay
    7. A Bird Flew Inside The House
    8. A Jukebox In A Desert Of Snow
    9. I Must Have Someone Else’s Blues
    10. The Great Bear
    11. With Every Departure
    12. Expecting You

    • $23.98